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What's for dinner tonight?

(Not necessarily in order of priority )



1) Find a moment of relaxation and open-mindedness that contemplates 120 minutes of your precious time to be dedicated exclusively to the film.


2) Try to go without social media and text messaging apps during that time. It is usually useful to schedule the  watching , in the same way as you would with a streaming movie or series or when you decide to go to the cinema or theater.


3) If you have a Smart TV, we strongly recommend you to use for this purposeselecting the corresponding platform (eg, YouTube). Another option is to connect your computer to the TV using an HDMI cable. Some laptops, cell phones and tablets have a screen mirroring option available.


4) Maximum possible audio volume. We are proud to tell you that the official music of the documentary plays a transcendental role in the course of it.


5) Detach yourself from all kinds of prejudice, bias or conditioning. It is clear that what you are about to watch is a purely educational and academic work, devoid of partisanship. We are not interested in indoctrinations, recursive messages, worn out words or subliminal epistles.


6) Consider that scientific information, no matter how true, is likely to be contradicted. Don't be frustrated. Contradict yourself as many times as you deem necessary.


7) We do not advise pausing or rewinding the film to review or stop at a concept. Don't get lost in images or statements no matter how moving or novel they may be. If all goes well, you will feel the need to watch the movie again. The second look is usually the most enriching.

8) Keep in mind at all times that there is a supporting bibliography for each of the statements made throughout the story. You can call on it at any time. If you believe that any assessment is unfounded, outdated or there is a better level of evidence available, do not hesitate to let us known. What's for dinner tonight? tries to be a collective of people willing to question absolutely everything, including what you are about to watch.


9) In relation to the previous point, we need your help. Contact us. Come up with ideas. It is a collective undertaking that considers the cause above any individual, even the creators of the film. Stay in touch. Join us!


10) Finally, when the credits appear at minute 119, remember the following: no one will be responsible for the thoughts and stakes that your retina may have triggered or been able to absorb. We would love to join you in this project, but we will not bear the costs of future therapy sessions, discussions with your partner, children, friends, etc. What's for dinner tonight? is NOT politics, religion or football, it has absolutely nothing to do with that: quite the contrary, it values ​​the intellectual evolution of the human being over any type of culturally imposed corrupt act.



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