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Dr. Alejandro Aragona

Biographical review

Alejandro Aragona is an Argentine gynecologist dedicated to the study and treatment of cancer. He was born in 1980 in the City of Buenos Aires. He entered the career of Medicine at the University of Buenos Aires (UBA) in 1998 graduating in 2004. Decidedly influenced by oncological pathology, he completed a full residency in gynecology and obstetrics to later compete and award the position of fellow of the same University. In 2009, he was appointed a staff physician in the Gynecology Department of Oncology Hospital of Buenos Aires Maria Curie.

He completed his postgraduate training in Argentina and abroad. He was awarded a scholarship on various occasions to improve himself in matters related to radical surgery of the female pelvis, being a consultant in this regard in various centers. He has published the results of his incessant clinical research in renowned international scientific journals indexed in pubmed. In 2011, the Faculty of Medicine of the UBA awarded him the title of 'University Specialist in Oncological Gynecology', being recertified in 2019.

He is an attached professor and instructor of said university postgraduate degree.
Always committed to the environment, inert to his contemplative, compassionate and empathetic vision for animals and nature, he knew how to find in the current pandemic that paralyzes the world, an opportunity to express, always in a reflective way, his vision on the problematic, firmly supported by scientific evidence.

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