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Our way of seeing it

What's for dinner tonight? is an initiative without any intention to profit. It has been supported in its entirety by the resources and efforts of its creators. It has not received subsidies or financial support from any entity of any kind. Nor have they been requested. At this point, we share the ideology of self-management.

Our objectives are clear: purely academic and educational, aimed at raising awareness about the exploitation of animals (as they are sentient beings that deserve respect and dignity), and about the devastating consequences evidenced in our health and the planet that derive from this scourge.

In this way, all the money raised will be immediately reinvested in strategies to continue spreading this distressing problem.

Any amount is welcome, as long as it represents a gesture of solidarity that comes from the heart. It could be interpreted as the symbolic value that you would place on the film and its message after its viewing.

Remember, you do not have to do it. It is up to you!

Donors will be able to consult at any time for which purpose their funds were destined, information that will be provided with total transparency.

In Argentina (I think it also works for Latin-American countries) the means to make donations is through MercadoPago .

For the rest of the world, the Paypal or Patreon platform will be used.

Any concern or question in this regard, we are at your disposal to answer it.

Thanks for helping spread ¿What's for dinner tonight? !!!!


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